Man Attempts to Corporatize Himself | The AWS Story

Hello, I’m Benjamin Obler, Editor-in-Chief of AWS.

We all know that corporations are people, thanks to Citizens United. Since this legal decision in 2010, I’ve been trying to corporatize myself, with little success. Something internal resisted it. Call it ethics or disposition.

I made a very valiant effort when I launched Aspiring Writer Syndrome in 2019. I envisioned a site so heavily stylized and branded that it would subsume my personal identity, allowing me to obliterate my personal website, I wished to make the issue of who I am as irrelevant as possible, presenting only the fruits of my 25-year career as a writer: stories, essays, novels, writing instruction, and inspiration.

This proved to be very difficult.

One thing I did succeed in is the building of a library of all the best writing lessons I’ve authored in my 10 years (11 now!) of leading courses and workshops in Minneapolis, New York City, and online. It is begun, with about 6 lessons published so far. Check it out in the Lesson Library.

So here we are. I’m continuing with my efforts. The priorities of the site have changed somewhat. But some of these changes are exciting. For one, all available AWS lesson and inspiration content will be available in the Medium app soon.

For me, it’s fun to a have new home on the web, where info about my professional services cane be found. These include primarily upcoming course offerings with Gotham Writers Workshop, and one-on-one editorial consultation services. This year I’ve enjoyed working with a talented writer from Portland, Oregon, on his MFA application letter and fiction samples.

Thanks for visiting! DM me in Medium App anytime with questions!

Instructor at @GothamWriters, NYC. Ed.-in-Chief of, where fiction is the focus and inspiration is the goal. #Javascotia @PenguinBooks

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