Benjamin Obler
The graphics department takes a day off, and I spare Unsplash the indignity.

An account of some introductions made at a party

A writer’s journey from point to point

A result in a search for the two words that comprise the article’s title, identified as a “yellow and black fly.” I’m more of a purple and black man myself. Photo by Mona Eendra on Unsplash.

Ennui in cloth form, shapeless like your life. The Pandemic Pant. [Copyright © 2021 Aspiring Writer Syndrome.]

In a future where Willful Elimination is legal and encouraged for the survival of the species. A fiction excerpt.

Photo by Tom Claes on Unsplash.

Benjamin Obler

Instructor at @GothamWriters, NYC. Ed.-in-Chief of, where fiction is the focus and inspiration is the goal. #Javascotia @PenguinBooks

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